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Fear of the dentist? It is perfectly normal. Dental phobia is more common than you think. At OBA, we are determined to change the perception of the dental experience by offering a real solution to dental phobia: conscious sedation for dental procedures.

If you are an anxious person, if you have had a bad experience and dental pain scares you or if long treatments make you afraid, then you are in the right place and conscious sedation is ideal for you.

Say goodbye to pain at your dentist appointment

We are expert anesthesiologists in conscious sedation services in dentistry in Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, Valencia and Zaragoza.


Overcome your fear of the dentist with OBA

Imagine transforming your visits to the dental clinic into painless and anxiety-free moments. We have designed a completely new way to face the dentist.

Our team of anesthesiologists is ready to provide you with a relaxing, pain-free experience with conscious sedation for dentistry. No more anxiety, no more worries. We will be by your side every step of the way, creating an environment where your fears disappear. Discover a different way to take care of your smile, without fear and without pain.

Benefits of Conscious Sedation in Dentistry:


No more anxious patients

Envision an environment where dental surgeries are carried out without anxiety, where each patient feels relaxed, comfortable and stress-free.

Nerves and pain can hinder the development of dental treatments, negatively affect the experience and satisfaction of your patients and, ultimately, the reputation of your clinic. At OBA, we help you improve the patient and surgeon experience by creating a calm and safe environment with conscious sedation in dentistry.

Benefits of Conscious Sedation in Dentistry for the dental clinic:

What is conscious sedation in dentistry?

Conscious sedation is a type of anesthesia that allows the patient to be calm and relaxed during their dental treatment. It is applied just before starting any treatment, thus preventing the patient from going through situations that generate fear, pain or anxiety.

How do I know if conscious sedation is for me?

If you identify with one or more of these points, then our conscious sedation services are ideal for you.

We are expert anesthesiologists with more than 20 years of experience in conscious sedation in dentistry. We focus on making you feel safe, comfortable and pain-free at all times.

2500+ patients have already said goodbye to their fear of the dentist with OBA


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For anxious patients


These are the most frequently asked questions about Conscious Sedation in Dentistry

Conscious sedation is a type of anesthesia that allows the patient to be calm and relaxed during their dental treatment. It is applied just before starting any treatment, thus preventing the patient from going through situations that generate fear, pain or anxiety.

It works through the administration of several drugs, mainly medications that eliminate anxiety, produce amnesia (eliminate memories of the procedure) and that, together with local anesthesia, completely eliminate pain.

Sedatives, analgesics, antibiotics, corticosteroids, medications to avoid nausea and vomiting are used, all of this will make the post-operative period much better.

A doctor who is an expert in sedation, the anesthesiologist.

With current drugs, monitoring equipment and professional experience it is extremely safe. The possibility of major complications is very unlikely.

You will be cared for at all times by a doctor, you will not feel pain, the post-operative period will be better with less pain and less swelling, you will not remember the surgery or you will do it vaguely, you will feel that time passes much faster, among other advantages.

Se toma una vía venosa, se monitoriza mínimo presión arterial saturación y frecuencia cardiaca (también puede electrocardiograma según antecedentes médicos) y se administra medicamentos hasta alcanzar el nivel deseado de sedación. En todo momento estará acompañado del medico responsable de la sedación.

As it is moderate sedation (conscious), the patient can respond to verbal and tactile stimuli and even obey orders and speak. Even so, you will have no pain and the memories will not exist or will be very vague.

You will not feel pain, you will receive local anesthesia of which you will have no memory or pain and subsequently you will have the entire area to be operated asleep. You will also receive painkillers through the vein, so that after the effect of the anesthesia wears off, you will not have pain either.

Conscious sedation is ideal for people with:

  • Anxiety or phobia about dental treatments
  • Fear of needles, drills or other instruments
  • Allergy or immunity to local anesthesia
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, etc.
  • Need for multiple treatments in a single visit
  • Need to undergo long-term surgery
  • Fear of other outpatient medical treatments

Mainly nausea and vomiting, but occurs in less than 5% of cases. Heart or respiratory problems are extremely rare.

Each patient responds differently, there are factors such as age, weight, illnesses, etc. They can vary this time, but on average after 30-45 minutes you can walk home on your own.

The sedatives used are quick-acting and short-lasting and, therefore, are ideal for outpatient treatments.

Conscious sedation is frequently used for treatments that require surgical processes, such as dental implant surgeries, wisdom teeth extraction, endodontics or maxillofacial surgery.

There are three levels of sedation: light or minimal, moderate and deep. General anesthesia is totally different and much deeper where breathing and vital signs are affected. In the case of moderate sedation, vital signs are basically not significantly altered.

Equipment that measures blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram and some monitors expired CO2.


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